Soccer Pro Bangkok was founded in 2551 for people who love to play football. And has ambitions to be a professional footballer. The customer sees the importance of the heart. Made many years ago Soccer Pro Bangkok will never stop researching and developing innovative technologies to come. Thailand has access to a football field, artificial turf soccer field, the quality and standards of professional football in Europe.

Current Soccer Pro Bangkok with artificial turf soccer fields scattered around Bangkok in Thailand Soccer Pro Bangkok promises. To improve field service and branch expansion continued. To become the leading provider of artificial turf soccer field in Thailand.


( เกษตรนวมินทร์ )

( เจริญราษฎร์-สาธร )

( พัฒนาการ 44 )

( ติวานนท์ )

( เลียบทางด่วนรามอินทรา )
ONNUT 17  

( อ่อนนุช 17 )

( บางนา )

( บางแค )
The record is already in the field, Soccer Pro.
Cooperation of the service users comply with any of the following.

    Rules and Regulations venues Soccer Pro Bangkok.

    • Please wear complete sport outfits during the match.
    • Please smoke in smoking area only. Smoking is prohibited in the soccer fields. Violator shall be fined 2,000 baht.
    • Please refrain from consuming alcohol and using additive substances of any kind.
    • Weapons are strictly prohibited.
    • Gambling is prohibited in the soccer fields and clubhouses.
    • Please refrain from using loud noises including music after 9 pm.
    • Please enter and leave the soccer fields punctually according to rental hours.
    • VIP room service is not included in the field fee. Should you be interested in using the service, please contact the cashier.
    • Pets are not allowed in soccer fields and clubhouse.
    • Please refrain from controversy during any matches. In case of serious controversy, Soccer Pro might consider cancelling the rental hour and the customers would still be responsible for rental fee.
    • Parking lot is reserved for customers by field rental hours only.
    • Please take care of your team and your belongings. Soccer Pro would not be responsible for any loss or damage.
    • In case of damage to soccer fields, buildings or equipment, the person who causes damage shall be responsible for the damage cost.
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